Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ANY EMPIRE review at This Cage Is Worms

Here's a refreshing and insightful review of the semiotic/storytelling elements at play in Any Empire.
It's a great feeling to have someone pick up on some of the more subtle and pervasive narrative choices within the book-- thanks, Cameron!


Cameron Kunzelman said...

Hey Nate

Thanks for the link! I love your work, and that post isn't the only post that I have in me about your work. Is it just me or is your earlier work more difficult to find?

Anyway, thank you for doing what you do. I think it is great, and it gives a strong direction for where I think that comics should go in the next ten or twenty years. I think that history is going to look at creators like you and Jeff Lemire as being hugely important to an entire generation of creators and output.

Nate Powell said...

I really appreciate it, Cameron! Doin' all I can.

As for older work, most of my 1998-2004 comics are collected in Sounds Of your Name, which I have available, but it possessed a curse that makes the book very hard to find in stores. I'll link to it in a minute! SOYN will be released digitally by Top Shelf in a month or so, and 2013 will see the release of YOU DON'T SAY, which is a collection of all my hard-to-find shorter comics from 2004-2012.

Nate Powell said...

Here's my store link for that book:


Cameron Kunzelman said...

Awesome, thank you for the link to the book!